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Turn-key printing services keep your projects in one place.

Full-Color Variable Data Laser Printing

Personalization to Build Sales Impact

Need to print 200 or thousands of personalized cards or letters? Corporate Communications Center headlines, insert names, insert account data, unique web URL’s, and special offer codes into your mailing pieces. Targeting and personalization are persuasion tools for modern marketers and we provide the expertise to do it correctly.

Our dedicated team of technicians makes sure your file is correctly formatted. We take care of everything. We can receive your files in the data format you choose; send your file by email, on physical media, to our FTP site or via cloud based file sharing systems such as DropBox.

Our staff makes sure all the records are ready for personalization. We’ll merge lists and databases into a single file while providing upper/lower case conversion, genderization and proper capitalization and process the database fields into the variable text documents.

File Processing

Depending on the mail classification and your goals, your data file can be processed to remove duplicates, correct addresses, and apply postal discounts before the merge.

Adding personalization to a letter or card makes readers feel special. Personalization can increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty. Our experience makes it easy to add this enhanced mail feature to your mail marketing.

Full-Color Personalized Print Runs

The processed name and address file is merged with your document file and printed on our digital presses. The presses’ finishing tools can collate, staple and fold most documents. Your full-color documents are professionally finished with the added impact of personalization.

Personalized Laser Letters to Lists From Suppliers or Your System

Forward your address file via email or thumb drive to our Dallas office and we place it in the proper layout for salutations and addressing your laser letters. Then our production department takes over to generate your letters.

Laser Letters to Names in CorpComCloud

Address lists maintained on our web-based CorpComcloud software are ready to go for full-color variable data laser printing. Select your names, forward your document and we print your letters and matching addressed envelopes on a same-day basis.

Personalized Postcards and Self-Mailers

Both inkjet imprinting and color laser imaging can be used for variable data laser printing of cards and self-mailers. This gives you the lowest cost way to reach readers with personalized impact.

Logos, Return Addresses and Marketing Tag Lines

Our high-resolution inkjet addressing can apply graphic images as well as personalized taglines to your envelopes and mail pieces. Save money by having us print the following items at the same time we imprint the address: variable data printing services; personalized letters, postcards, self-mailers, and lists; high-quality logos, graphics and personalized taglines on all your mail.

When Speed Matters

We can help you with your same-day mass mailing project.